11 Jan 2017 Rheinmetall and Steyr Mannlicher offer new RS556 assault rifle system
09 Jan 2017 Rheinmetall Automotive to supply components for battery boxes of electric vehicles
23 Dec 2016 Rheinmetall awarded Challenger 2 Life Extension Programme Assessment Phase Contract
19 Dec 2016 Continuity at the top of Rheinmetall AG
12 Dec 2016 €135 million Bundeswehr order
05 Dec 2016 Joint venture set up for exhaust-gas recirculation modules
02 Dec 2016 Rheinmetall and Day & Zimmermann join forces
29 Nov 2016 Rheinmetall Automotive books another contract for car engine steel pistons
24 Nov 2016 Rheinmetall to supply international customer with HX81 tractor-trailers
17 Nov 2016 Fresh success for Rheinmetall simulation technology in the MENA region
08 Nov 2016 Order Rheinmetall Automotive for compact, high-performance valve train
03 Nov 2016 Strong growth in sales and earnings (Q3)
29 Sep 2016 Rheinmetall to modernize and expand German Army Combat Training Centre
21 Sep 2016 Rheinmetall Automotive at IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hannover
02 Sep 2016 Rheinmetall to supply simulation technology for urban operations training centre
01 Sep 2016 Rheinmetall repositioning itself
22 Aug 2016 Third NATO user nation: Lithuania buys Boxer in deal worth almost €400 million
10 Aug 2016 Rheinmetall Automotive obtains major order from German auto manufacturer
04 Aug 2016 Growth in sales and earnings at Rheinmetall (H1)
29 Jul 2016 Boxer 8X8 CRV downselected for Australia’s LAND 400 Phase 2 program
26 Jul 2016 Rheinmetall wins major order for ammunition worth over €400 million
14 Jul 2016 Rheinmetall to supply Canadian Navy with decoy ammunition for the next thirty years
21 Jun 2016 Major orders for Rheinmetall Automotive
14 Jun 2016 Rheinmetall’s new IFV, the Lynx
25 May 2016 Rheinmetall Automotive subsidiary becomes strategic supplier
18 May 2016 Rheinmetall wins contract to extend the service life of Switzerland's air defence systems
12 May 2016 Rheinmetall with a good start to fiscal 2016 (Q1)
04 May 2016 Rheinmetall to supply ammunition and accessories for Bundeswehr’s Puma infantry fighting vehicle
29 Apr 2016 Rheinmetall to equip Bundeswehr with new laser duel simulators
20 Apr 2016 Expanding global steel piston business
11 Apr 2016 Rheinmetall to supply complete training equipment for new Embraer KC-390 transport plane
08 Apr 2016 China joint venture a success for 15 years now
06 Apr 2016 Rheinmetall's Automotive sector awarded actuator contract worth around €85 million
22 Mar 2016 Rheinmetall's Automotive sector books new order for diesel piston modules worth more than €30 million
17 Mar 2016 Rheinmetall's sales above €5 billion for the first time in 2015 fiscal year
10 Mar 2016 Rheinmetall to manufacture ordnance for a European partner
01 Mar 2016 Rheinmetall to equip Gripen fighter aircraft for Brazil and Sweden with automatic cannon
26 Feb 2016 Rheinmetall with provisional figures for fiscal year 2015
22 Feb 2016 Rheinmetall to upgrade 128 Polish Leopard 2 main battle tanks
16 Feb 2016 Rheinmetall's Automotive sector books follow-up piston contract for over €170 million
10 Feb 2016 Rheinmetall wins major order from Latin American customer for logistic vehicles
03 Feb 2016 KSPG to supply exhaust-gas technology to Indian manufacturer
02 Feb 2016 Multimillion-euro order: Rheinmetall to modernize air defence system of an international customer
01 Feb 2016 Rheinmetall affiliate KSPG supplies components for five winners
29 Jan 2016 Major contracts from Mexico: Rheinmetall to build and operate training centre for oil platforms
22 Jan 2016 Rheinmetall wins major artillery ammunition order
11 Jan 2016 Rheinmetall to supply Royal Thai Army with four air defence systems

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