The Rheinmetall Group traditionally follows a conservative financing policy geared towards sustainability, diversification and internationalization. The top priority of Rheinmetall AG is to ensure that the Rheinmetall Group has access to liquidity at all times. This access is ensured through a balance between utilizing the money and capital markets and obtaining financing from banks. In addition to this main aim, the limitation of financial risks such as currency and interest risks and the risk of changes in raw material prices also constitutes a key objective of financial management.

We base our financial management at the Rheinmetall Group on the system of key figures used by leading rating agencies for companies with investment grade ratings. External financing via banks and investors and the allocation of funds within the Rheinmetall Group is generally coordinated centrally by Rheinmetall AG. This pooling of financing requirements allows the Group to make consistent use of the money and capital markets and strengthens its position in negotiations when it comes to optimizing financing structures in terms of availability, security and costs.

In bilateral financing arrangements, the careful selection of financing partners is a key factor in success. Rheinmetall attaches importance to maintaining good and lasting business relationships with an adequate number of banks and insurance companies that are familiar with Rheinmetall’s business model and that support it with appropriate advisory and transaction services in the regions that are important to Rheinmetall.