Date Headline
27/07/2020 Rheinmetall AG: Non-cash impairment charges for Automotive sector in second quarter of 2020 / quarterly result better than consensus
26/09/2019 Rheinmetall AG: Regional disruption of production due to malware at Rheinmetall Automotive
26/11/2018 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall AG confirms talks regarding a potential acquisition of a stake in KNDS leading to an indirect acquisition of KNDS' subsidiary Krauss-Maffei Wegmann GmbH & Co. KG
14/03/2018 Rheinmetall AG: Australian government selects Rheinmetall as preferred supplier for Land 400 project
11/11/2015 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall successfully places shares from capital increase
10/11/2015 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall resolves on capital increase against cash contributions
10/12/2014 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall's Bremen subsidiary accepts imposition of fine
03/11/2014 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall Adjusts Group Forecasts: Automotive Stronger, Defence Weaker
07/08/2014 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall updates outlook for 2014
29/07/2013 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall reduces annual forecast for Defence and confirms outlook for Automotive
07/05/2012 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall plans IPO of Automotive division in the first half of 2012
28/07/2011 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall is analysing the continuation of its two-pillar strategy
07/07/2009 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall successfully places capital increase
06/07/2009 Rheinmetall AG: Rheinmetall resolves capital increase
23/10/2008 Rheinmetall AG: Slump in call orders from automotive customers downscales Rheinmetall’s profit forecast by some 10%