03 Dec 2021 Bundeswehr orders new AGDUS passive systems from Rheinmetall for Combat Training Centre
25 Nov 2021 Letter of intent on strategic investment signed with Hungarian IT company 4iG Nyrt
23 Nov 2021 Digitization strategy: Rheinmetall takes over activities of unmanned air vehicle maker EMT
19 Nov 2021 Rheinmetall takes over Zeppelin Mobile Systeme
18 Nov 2021 Rheinmetall places among the top 30 in European diversity ranking
17 Nov 2021 Rheinmetall successfully tests composite rubber track on Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle
05 Nov 2021 Q3: Rheinmetall: Profitable growth with significant increase in earnings and margin
03 Nov 2021 Rheinmetall wins major contract for electric air conditioner compressors
02 Nov 2021 Rheinmetall and Intracom Defense join forces to cooperate in vehicle-based C4I systems
28 Oct 2021 Ad-hoc: Full-year forecast for operating profit margin raised to around 10% despite slightly slower sales growth due to shortage of semiconductors; divesting process pistons continues.
28 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall and Thales to continue taking care of Tiger helicopter simulators in France and Germany
25 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall to build and export Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle Test Chassis to United States
21 Oct 2021 New call-offs from Rheinmetall framework contract: the Netherlands orders artillery ammunition
21 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall submits Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle Best and Final Offer for Land 400 Phase 3 in Australia showcasing Leading Capability and Sovereign Military Industrial Growth
18 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall unveils Australian designed and manufactured Lynx Combat Support Vehicle
14 Oct 2021 Performance upgrade: Rheinmetall presents new high-roof version of the Fuchs/Fox wheeled armoured transport vehicle
08 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall at AUSA 2021
08 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall wins major multimillion euro orders for solenoid valves
06 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall and Navistar Defence Canada join forces in bid to win Canada’s Logistics Vehicle Modernization project
06 Oct 2021 IDET 2021: Rheinmetall showcasing innovative products and systems for the modern battlefield
05 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall demonstrates once again its technological capabilities with the world’s first fully electric air start unit
01 Oct 2021 Rheinmetall ROSY rapid smoke/obscurant systems to be installed in Bundeswehr swap-body trucks
24 Sep 2021 Rheinmetall AG renews €500 million revolving credit facility
23 Sep 2021 High-tech Rheinmetall pushes ahead with hydrogen strategy as partner of new Innovation and Technology Centre
21 Sep 2021 Bundeswehr awards Rheinmetall contract to modernize Fuchs/Fox armoured NBC reconnaissance vehicle – new highly protected A8A7 configuration
17 Sep 2021 Rheinmetall new strategic partner of the Bundeswehr for deployed operations support – new line of business launched
14 Sep 2021 Rheinmetall and RBSL attend DSEI 2021
08 Sep 2021 Innovative thermal management for electric and hybrid drives – Rheinmetall wins order for electric coolant pumps
03 Sep 2021 Air purifiers for schools and kindergartens – Rheinmetall supplying devices to the City of Hamburg
31 Aug 2021 Success with the 6th generation of solenoid valves: Rheinmetall wins new order for turbo bypass valves
27 Aug 2021 Kecskemét International Air Show: Rheinmetall showcases state-of-the-art systems for today’s armed forces
26 Aug 2021 American Rheinmetall Vehicles signs Master Cooperative Research and Development agreement with U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Armaments Center
25 Aug 2021 High-altitude "eye in the sky" from Rheinmetall to protect forward operating base – order worth over €21 million
17 Aug 2021 Rheinmetall wins multimillion euro orders from premium engine-makers for back pressure valves
11 Aug 2021 Major contract for Rheinmetall – international partner orders material kits for Fuchs/Fox 2 wheeled armoured vehicles worth €250 million
10 Aug 2021 Rheinmetall and Escribano demonstrate new modules for the Mission Master SP A-UGV
05 Aug 2021 H1: Rheinmetall: Record result in the first half of the year – consolidated sales grow by around 9%
03 Aug 2021 Rheinmetall to equip the Dutch Army’s Fennek armoured reconnaissance vehicle with new aiming device
03 Aug 2021 Ad-hoc: Record first-half result – further value adjustment in piston business
29 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall donates €100,000 for flood victims
26 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall’s Optionally Manned Fighting Vehicle concept down-selected for U.S. Army’s program
21 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall to supply the Bundeswehr with laser light modules
16 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall presents first full concept for the next generation of the Bundeswehr’s Future Soldier – Expanded System
15 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall Canada: Celebrating 35 Years of Canadian Innovation
14 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall awarded important sample contracts for fuel cell systems
08 Jul 2021 Rheinmetall expects to win €22 million order for aluminium pistons for the North American market
29 Jun 2021 Billion-euro contract for Rheinmetall – Bundeswehr upgrading Puma infantry fighting vehicle to new design status
25 Jun 2021 Rheinmetall Spectac – an innovative stun grenade for military and law enforcement special operators
23 Jun 2021 Delivery of the GTK Boxer vehicles ordered by the Bundeswehr now completed
22 Jun 2021 Premium OEM awards major contract: Rheinmetall wins trailblazing order for lightweight components
18 Jun 2021 A new member in the family: Rheinmetall Mission Master XT, an extreme terrain autonomous UGV
10 Jun 2021 Rheinmetall successfully develops key components for fuel cell systems: sample orders for cathode shut-off valves
09 Jun 2021 Schutz vor Corona: Rheinmetall beginnt interne Impfkampagne
07 Jun 2021 Boxers for Britain – series production starts exactly according to plan at Rheinmetall’s Kassel plant
02 Jun 2021 Rheinmetall delivers the first 25 Boxer 8x8 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicles to the Australian Army
27 May 2021 Steady as she goes: mandates of Rheinmetall executive board members extended
26 May 2021 Hilfe in der Pandemie: Rheinmetall spendet Intensivbeatmungsgeräte an indische Krankenhäuser
25 May 2021 Rheinmetall supplying Portuguese Army with 1,500 LM-LowProfile laser modules
19 May 2021 Fresh success for the Rheinmetall Mission Master: Her Majesty’s Armed Forces order four more robotic vehicles
18 May 2021 Active protection system for Lynx IFV: market breakthrough for Rheinmetall’s new StrikeShield — €140 million order from Hungary
17 May 2021 Rheinmetall and Thales awarded subcontract from Lockheed Martin to deliver training services to the joint Franco-German C-130J squadron
12 May 2021 Rheinmetall taking part in nationwide Diversity Day events for the first time
12 May 2021 Rheinmetall Kodiak to be the Bundeswehr’s new combat engineer vehicle – order worth around €295 million
11 May 2021 Rheinmetall starts maintenance on first two German Air Force CH-53G transport helicopters at Diepholz air base
10 May 2021 American Rheinmetall Vehicles accelerates growth with opening of new Sterling Heights facility
10 May 2021 Rheinmetall modernizing the UK’s main battle tank Challenger 2 fleet – order volume is around €770 million
07 May 2021 Continuity and change: Rheinmetall presents the HX3, a new generation of tactical trucks
07 May 2021 Marder infantry fighting vehicle turns 50 – tried-and-tested warhorse of Germany’s mechanized infantry
06 May 2021 First quarter of 2021: Rheinmetall posts strong start to the year
05 May 2021 Rheinmetall joins United Nations Global Compact: commitment to corporate responsibility and sustainability
29 Apr 2021 High protection for Blue, Green and Brown Water Navies: Rheinmetall delivers 300th MASS naval countermeasures system
23 Apr 2021 Personnel change on the Executive Board of Rheinmetall AG
20 Apr 2021 Ad-hoc: Preliminary figures for the first quarter of 2021: Rheinmetall has strong start to the year
19 Apr 2021 Rheinmetall and Northrop Grumman have formalized an agreement to cooperate in the field of precision-guided enhanced range artillery ammunition.
14 Apr 2021 Auto Shanghai: Rheinmetall showcasing the shift to new drive technologies
14 Apr 2021 L3Harris Technologies and American Rheinmetall Vehicles team to pursue U.S. Army’s New Fighting Vehicle
07 Apr 2021 Im Hamburger Immobilienprojekt Kolbenhöfe hat das gemeinsame 50:50-Joint Venture der Otto Wulff Projektentwicklung GmbH und der Rheinmetall Immobilien GmbH den Verkauf von zwei Baufeldern bekanntgegeben.
01 Apr 2021 Cooperation in steel pistons for commercial vehicles:
31 Mar 2021 American Rheinmetall Munitions announces new board members
30 Mar 2021 New Bundeswehr air defence system: Rheinmetall, Diehl and Hensoldt are lining up together
29 Mar 2021 Bundeswehr issues new call-offs for MELLS guided missiles and integrated command and launch units from framework contract
26 Mar 2021 Rheinmetall to market protective equipment for civil-sector customers
26 Mar 2021 Rheinmetall employees to be offered free corona self-tests
23 Mar 2021 Fresh order from German automaker: Rheinmetall to supply high-tech aluminum engine blocks
19 Mar 2021 German Army declares “System Panzergrenadier” fit to fight
18 Mar 2021 Rheinmetall achieves success in crisis year 2020: Defence secures high sales and earnings level – Automotive makes positive contribution to operating result
03 Mar 2021 Rheinmetall subsidiary wins order from customer in China: Electromotor housings for international automaker
19 Feb 2021 Rheinmetall to supply the Bundeswehr with two additional cargo hold simulators for the Airbus A400M European transport aircraft
11 Feb 2021 Rheinmetall modernizing 27 more Boxer command vehicles for the Bundeswehr
08 Feb 2021 Rheinmetall Canada awarded sustainment contract for Persistent Surveillance System
05 Feb 2021 Rheinmetall presses ahead with strategic realignment – new corporate structure and updated financial targets
04 Feb 2021 Rheinmetall wins orders for innovative fuel tank isolation valve for hybrid vehicles
02 Feb 2021 Ersatzteillieferant Motorservice übergibt Motoren
29 Jan 2021 American Rheinmetall Vehicles announces new board members
28 Jan 2021 Rheinmetall and MBDA win contract for high-energy laser system
27 Jan 2021 Heavy-lift helicopter: Sikorsky and Rheinmetall expand German industrial partnership on CH-53K
25 Jan 2021 NATO customer awards Rheinmetall multimillion-euro contract for artillery ammunition and propelling charges
19 Jan 2021 Rheinmetall to supply digital classroom for the German Navy’s new NH90 NTH Sea Lion multipurpose helicopter at Nordholz Naval Air Base
12 Jan 2021 Strategic order: Rheinmetall to supply Daimler Truck Fuel Cell with key components
06 Jan 2021 Rheinmetall to supply Bundeswehr with additional logistic vehicles – total volume tops €500 million, with almost €390 million coming from Germany’s pandemic recovery package

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